This is a uniformed paramilitary (NGO) Non-Governmental Organization, committed to serving God, the security services and the rest of humanity we are laboring to give the Gospel of the Kingdom of God a social relevance.

I- Speaks of our ’International ’ Visionary mandate. We are thinking globally.
C- Speaks of our interest in inter and intra religious harmony, thus describing a “Circle” of love and tolerance.
O- Stands for the Word “Of”, implying that we would rather relate as much as possible than antagonize others.
F- Stands for “Faith”, showing that we recognize differences in religions and tenets within each one which makes it easier for us to dialogue with other over issues rather than fight over them.
C- Stands for our “Chaplaincy” heritage. People preaching the Gospel of Christ beyond the Church wall, including the barracks and conflict areas where conventional ministry is absent or impossible.
C- This is the word “Corps”, symbolizing our training in security and regimental formation for which were are in uniforms.


A copy of our certificates of incorporation together with the registration certificates of our uniforms, logo and crest are available for citing,

  • Our berretta is sky blue in colour symbolizing a heavenly serene outlook.
  • Our uniform material is essentially olive green symbolizing peace, the oil of gladness and the anointing of grace.
  • Certainly, other nations apart from Nigeria we establish may opt for a different uniform to reflect their National flavor. fusce.


(i) Emergency relief programs
(ii) Education and material support
(iii) Awareness Creation on HIV/Aids, PLWHA, PMTCH, VCT
(iv) Community capacity enhancement
(V) Psychological support to families in crisis
(vi) Organization training in the areas of Health care and support in the fight against disease. Medical supplies to hospitals, rural health centers and collaborating with faith based organizations in touching the grassroots of the society.
(vii) Services to orphans in families and assistance to the physically challenged (handicapped) people.
(viii) Promoting peace and cordial relationship via dialogue as well as conflict resolution through peaceful means.


Our Chaplains are driven by a code of spiritual excellence. It is represented as follows:

C- Character with integrity
L- Leadership with compassion
E- Excellence with service
A- Authentically with goodness
R- Relationship with loving fellowship
We believe in a clear motive


(i) Inter and intra religious peace dialogue
(ii) Alternative conflict resolution at the communal level
(iii) Rehabilitation strategies, Restive youths, ex-drug and alcoholic addicts, disaster areas, whether natural or man-made, prostitute reformation and attitudinal reorientation. It will involve education, skills acquisition, and empowerment for citizens at risk.
(iv) Inter and intra faith leadership conferences. This will include workshops seminars, symposia which are open to all to foster understanding and generate harmony.
Youth development. This will primarily focus on secondary and tertiary institutions with the aim to achieve character orientation. The vehicle for this outreach will include sports/Music/festivals as well as other forms of entertainment. A heavy dosage of anti vice and anti cult teachings will be administered.
(vii) Emergency life/accident victims rescue operations. This will include, disaster and crisis management, relief services, medical missions as well as other humanitarian programmes.


(i) ou have become truly a member of a multi-ethnic, multi-cultural, International and one of the largest chaplaincy organization registered in Nigeria, accepted by the ECOSOC-United Nations.
(ii) You can relate and have access to the numerous resource persons for your youth empowerment, women, skill acquisition, leadership and workers training programmes or meetings.
(iii) You can attend all ICOFCC Zonal, national, International Conferences and collaborating meetings within and outside Nigeria.
(iv) You can become part of the workforce to all our Collaborating organization and agencies projects or activities in your state or Nigeria at large.
(v) You have the privilege to wear a unique uniform, well respected among uniform personnel with certification.
(vi) ICOFCC offers you a sound and dynamic networking of caring people and leaders in different fields of endeavour. Offering you credentials, ordination and license. (vii) A web space can be created for your Ministry on our internet site giving you access to million of people visiting and knowing you.


So far, this chaplaincy has enjoyed the expertise of the officers of the National orientation Agency (NOA) in Imo State as well as in other states of the Federation where we have established a base. We believe and hope that this relationship will remain and grow. We are also ready to cooperate with other Government parastatals, development unions, and national and International agencies and NGOS catering for people in need.

We will cooperate with organizations from other religions that are out to render humanitarian services to people from works of life.
However, we will not consider partnership in any mission where our faith in Jesus Christ the son of God has to be muzzled. For us, Jesus Christ is Lord now and forever.
We are currently in collaborations with:
INEC: Independent National Electoral Commission
NEPAD: New Partnership for Africa Development
NEPAD Youth: New Partnership for Africa Development Youth
CAE I: Civil Awareness Empowerment Initiative (Proposed)
ECOSOC-U.N: Economic and Social development Council of the United Nation


Every ICOFCC member must go through the several training programmes, refreshers course to met up with the current challenges around the world. These trainings includes:
1. Exercise and Drills
2. Class work syllabus Criminology, Nigeria Army history, essential to Chaplaincy and training, Basic security and surveillance, conflict resolution and management attempt and arrest, summons, laws of war, law of theft and related offences, fire prevention and patrol, Assassination, Nigerian Constitution. 3. Hospital Evangelism
4. Jail and prison Ministry
5. Crowd control management
6. Rescue Operation/Traffic Management
7. First Aid Administration.