Achievements | Projects

We have achieved so far the following, but not limited to them.

From humble beginnings in late 2007, several projects have been pursued and most executed: During the inauguration of the National Command in January 2008, this chaplaincy successfully collaborated with the National Orientation Agency (NOA) Imo State in a powerful partnership. Together as a team:
Conducted a three day ministers conference with a theme “Help, I have no father”, several Awards- Doctorate and Merit were given to deserving individuals. Several copies of bibles were freely given to participants.

A water bore hole project was completed at and handed over to the Ikembara Health centre in Ikeduru Local Government area of Imo state. some more under construction.

By August the same year, the Abia state command was inaugurated at Umuahia. During that season, several Awards were given to many prominent Nigerians.

Four wheel Chairs were given freely to handicapped sports men through the National Orientation Agency at Umuahia.

Several cartons of medicines, mattresses and food items were donated to the Nigerian Prison Service and received by the Assistant Controller of the Prison.

Bags of food items and other relief materials were handed to the motherless babies home via the Director of National Orientation Agency in Umuahia.

By December, the Lagos state Command was inaugurated.

The year 2008 witnessed expansion of ICOFCC operations. Awareness has been created in Liberia with property bought for the development of Community/family empowerment centre, youth orientation and skills acquisition. Sensitization has reached Ghana, Cameroon, the two Congo Nations, and Tanzania among others.

During the 2011 inauguration and conference several wheel chairs where donated to the physically disabled, not limited to this, we have carried out several other projects photographs displace might not cover. Here are some of our cover story