General Questions

A member of the clergy employed to give religious guidance e.g to members of armed forces, schools institutions, prisons, hospitals etc.

Our chaplains are mission mandate, ministering to the less privileged, tackle the communities, social, spiritual & humanitarian challenges.

The gospel is the good news of Christ, humanity must hear and social values means the generally accepted core issues, principles or standard that promotes people, communities or society’s welfare, interaction and unity which ICOFCC stand for.

You are now ready to participate in our conferences, seminars, trips community work & programs, and enjoy all benefits & privileges of ICOFCC.

It all depends on the type of work and services that the employers would need. However your trainings and exposures is an added advantage for you.

It comprises of the African Commandant General (Dr. John. M. Ekwonike), the Nigerian Commandant (King Y. M. Kinang), the Nigeria Secretary General and the head of training Directorate (Dr, E.P. Ajaero), the head of humanitarian Support Services (HSSI) (Commandant Agenes Ngumezi), Zonal Commanders, state Commanders, Area Commanders and Local Commanders. The International Commandant is to be appointed soon.

Dr. John M. Ekonike founded the organization in 2007 and registered  with CAC on 18th March 2008 as limited by guarantee.

ICOFwas  founded in 2007 and was registered in  CAC on 18th March 2008 as limited by guarantee.

ICOFCC is a uniformed paramilitary (NGO) Non-Governmental Organization, committed to serving God, the security services and the rest of humanity.

by Guarantee. All uniforms, logo, and crest are also registered.

ICOFCC labours to give the Gospel of the Lord Jesus and the Kingdom a social look, giving hope to the hopeless, recognizing differences in religions and tenets within each one which makes it easier for us to dialogue over issues.

Yes, it is also called ICOFCC code of spiritual excellence “Think Clear!”

ICOFCC membership is for life so long as you continue to stand in the faith, guided by the rules and regulation of our constitution and ready to serve humanity at all times. You may choose to resign from it’s membership.

Immediately you are enlisted, the training on exercise, drills, class work commences for a period of six months before commissioning. And more seminars and refreshers courses continue before and after certification.

All ICOFCC cadets that are graduates pass out with Chaplain officer 1 and non graduates pass out with Chaplain field officer 3 however, your experiences in the ministry and nature of work will count afterwards.

ICOFCC is not in anyway a superior force; we are not Army, Police, Navy or Air force but Chaplains. Our uniform colour is olive green and sky blue barrette, symbolizing a heavenly serene out looks.