King Kinang

King Y.M. Kinang was the eight born out of a dozen children born to the family of Mr. & Mrs. Madaki Andekumkwe Kinang on the 16th day of August 1966 in a town call Takum , a local government Headquarter in Taraba state of Nigeria, west Africa. According to the parents the child was of a good looking, sweet in the spirit, very lively, full of energy and very adventurous.

His parents are aged, retired salt, hide and skin merchants.

He grew under the tutorship of his elder brother Mr. Danladi Madaki Jouro who was a headmaster of a government primary school in Donga. With this advantage of educational environment Rev Kinang enrolled into the primary school Salama Primary School in Takum (EKAS) from 1974-1979. On completion, he gained admission into a Secondary School ( Mbiya Government Secondary School ) but completed in Government Secondary School Banjiram Adamawa state, from 1979- 1984 where he obtained his G.C.E/W.A.E.C certificate. He latter proceeded to college of preliminary studies spent a year and moved onto Modibbo Adama college: the Yola campus of University of Maiduguri now Federal University of Technology Yola from 1985-1991. On graduation, he obtained a Bachelor of Statistics.

During his university days social activities, student politics were a common identity with him. He has been a one time social director in the University for Gongola State student union and contested for the entire student union social director, the activities which led to the ban of unionism in the university because results were not favorable to some contestants. This led to several problems in his life, academically and financially. It is in the midst of these challenges while at home made him being invited into a crusade sponsored by his elder brother and the lord caught up with him and surrendered his life and accepted Jesus Christ as lord and saviour in 1989 and was baptized in the Holy Ghost during the same time. When he returned to school, his life was entirely change he began to identify with NIFES campus fellowship until his graduation in 1991.


By 1992 he proceeded to saint Patrick’s college Asaba, Delta State of Nigeria for a one year compulsory service to the nation ( National Youth Service Corps NYSC ). Immediately after the service he was offered an employment with the Federal Ministry of Education and was posted from Lagos to Federal Government College Kano to teach mathematics on the 3rd day of May 1993.Within the period of 15 years, he rose from the rank of Education officer 11 level 8 to Principal Education Officer PEO level 12 and resigned voluntarily in 2007 because of the call of God upon his life to proceed for mission work outside Nigeria precisely Gabon.

Before the compulsory one year national service, Rev kinang was serving as an associate minister with Aflame Ministries International inc. based in Ibi Taraba State.

On arrival in Kano in 1993, he was ordained and licensed as a minister of the gospel with rights and privileges to perform all ministerial duties as stipulated in the Bible. As he was seeking the face of God while in Kano after reporting in his new station concerning the burden in his heart, the Lord bid him to pioneer a work in Naibawa one of the restricted parts of Kano that churches were not allowed operating until his arrival.

Kano state has areas that churches are allowed and some areas that they are not allowed. In his words Rev. kinang said ‘the Lord said to me I am sending you as an apostle to Naibawa, plow the land until churches come’. As earlier said Naibawa on Zaria road was one of the restricted areas for churches.

He obeyed the voice of the Lord and mandate moved to the area and began the work, God confirmed his word and granted him grace. He broke through the land though not without oppositions, persecutions of different kinds. He has been brought before local authorities, kings, governor, and emir of Kano and security agencies to answer questions on his activities in Naibawa severally.

In 1997 he was surrounded by hired assassins in the early hours of the day between 2:15-3:00 am in his rented apartment but was miraculously delivered by an outburst of laughter which sends a great fear upon the assassins. Seven days has he spent been held by security operatives in a condemned criminal cell at the police barrack but for great and quick intervention of some prominent Christian leaders, organizations , international bodies and NGO’S on the account of preaching Christ to some Moslems who got converted he was charged to court.

On three occasions in 1998 he has appeared in court to defend himself on accusation of fermenting riot and religious inciting of the community and publishing of sponsored pamphlets against Islamic faith but was acquitted and discharged for lack of evidence. He persisted on the work in spite of all threats, persecutions in the area until churches began to come to the area as it was said to him by the Lord. As at present 19 different churches and denominations are functionally visible in the same area.

In his quest to be IT compliance ,versatile Rev .Kinang applied and was offered admission for a post graduate diploma in information technology in a world renowned institute of information technology campus of Hands on Institute Of Information Technology based in Kano. On completion in 2007 he obtained a post graduate diploma certificate in information Technology with distinction.

And in 2009 he obtained his Masters of Theology from World Outreached International Bible College Riverside, California USA. He is currently running a course Doctor of Ministry ( Power of Reconciliation) in Bakke Graduate University Washington DC USA.

Rev. Kinang after resigning from teaching mathematics in Federal Government College Kano continued to give pastoral care to the ministry : Favoured & Prevailing Ministries aka Household of Favour Assembly Worldwide he founded in kano since 1994. He is the senior pastor of the ministry with three other pastors, his wife inclusive. He is currently championing an independent mission work in Cameroun, Congo Brazzaville and Kinshasa. He speaks French but more fluently in English, a prolific writer few amongst his books are : The manifold favour of God, The leader, the lead and the led, Building according to the pattern, The challenge of Mission work in the present day church, A good Christian soldier of Christ.

Rev. Kinang is married to a lovely wife Queen Morenike Y. Kinang, a pastor, a banker, a conference speaker, a writer and founder of Helpers of Destiny Ministries, an outreach to women, teenagers, children, and singles. She has also been involved in the vision God committed to the husband keenly and passionately. She is also a chartered chaplain in the Kano state command. The Lord has blessed them with three God fearing children that are very cooperative in the ministry work: Michael, Tabitha and Angela.

Rev. Kinang was enrolled into the International Circle Of Faith chaplaincy corps (ICOFCC) as a ministry tool in 2009 to enhance his mission work in different parts of the world. He is currently the Nigeria Commandant from the north and the pioneering Commandant of the ICOFCC Kano State Command.